The Brothers Tour West

Let me give a quick update on my health.  Last summer I had a vocal injury which forced me to cancel all touring and shows for an indefinite amount of time.   It was certainly a humbling and testing period for me since it was unclear if I would ever be able to sing again.  I felt the Good Lord telling me to “trust and surrender”.  I like to think it was a mini “Job” retreat where everything you love and identify yourself by is stripped away and you are left with the bare bones of “I am His and He is mine, blessed be His Name!”  Although I had to cancel all shows I was at peace knowing that I had no control over the situation. Later in the Fall of 2014 I found a great speech therapist in Toronto who specialized in helping injured vocal musicians.  After a few months of sessions we were both delighted to see improvement and I am blessed to say that things have healed exceptionally!  Praise God!
So what I thought should have been last summer is now going to happen this summer, a Tour through Western Canada!  Please tell your friends, aunties, uncles, neighbours, and kitties if we are passing through their hometown.  Almost every concert on this Tour will be for FREE so all are welcome!  You can find out full concert details on the Shows page.
I’m looking forward to share these stories and new tunes with you!  See you in the West!