for the broken, from the broken: The Album Explained

I don’t like to do things without a reason, especially in music.  Every note has a purpose, and every word has layers of meaning.  It is therefore no coincidence that I am releasing my new album Sleeper, Rise at this time.  Today is one week to the release date and today is also Good Friday.  As I journey in remembrance of our Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection, I can’t help but see a similar thread woven into the garment of this album.

This album is probably lyrically the most raw I’ve ever written.  As Christ had his garments torn off his body, I feel similarly exposed in areas that have up until now remained in the shadows.  I think partly why this album is so raw and real is because others have been raw and real with me: sharing stories of abuse, divorce, addiction, depression and suicide.  So in me sharing these songs, I remember those who have shared with me.  I carry them with me.  I guess in some way, like Simon of Cyrene who helped carry the cross of Jesus, I am helping carry the cross of a brother or sister who is weighed down by many afflictions and sorrows.

There IS hope in this album.  But you first have to pass through the crap (*pardon me but I grew up on a farm…)  I’ve come to accept that this album won’t be for everyone.  I think for many the content will sound too “sad” and lack cheerful beats that you can crank while driving with your friends. (Maybe next album! ) But I do feel that this is an album for the broken, from the broken.  For those who are ready and willing to deal with the crap in their own life, I hope these songs can help you along the way.

I encourage you to read a post from the man behind the album artwork: Studio Jaywall. Here’s an excerpt of what Jay had to say about the album and art:

“Featured on the cover is an abandoned cabin hidden in a swampy forest outside North Bay, Ontario. I actually had to reach the cabin by snowshoes in order to photograph it on a gloomy winter day. The cabin is broken down, lonely, yet filled with pieces of memories left behind by the family that once lived there. In the midst of the broken glass, I still discovered subtle reminders of beauty and hope.”
(Read the full post here.)

If you are counting down the days like me, it is now just one week away!  #SleeperRiseCountdown


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