Thank Yous for a great Spring Tour!

We just wrapped up the last show of the Welcome Back Summer Tour in Arden Ontario with 60 awesome people! Here’s a short video clip of the last song played on the Tour: Higher Than A Kite in the Sky.

It’s somewhat sad to say the Tour is over because we had such a great time this past month.  In 30 days we: made it through 8 provinces, drove 13835 kms, played 21 shows, ate over 36 Subway sandwiches,  kept down all the Subway sandwiches, broke 2 guitar strings, got 1 speeding ticket, and met many many amazing people across this beautiful Country!

I would like to send out a huge thank you to Jim and Marilyn Boissonneault for lending us their van for the month!  Also, a huge thank you to Larry at Sylvain Sound in Cornwall for setting us up with stellar sound equipment!  Thank you to everyone who opened their homes and parishes and hearts with us this past month!   If we didn’t make it to your town or church or house to play a show this tour, please send me a message and next time we’ll make it happen!

Keep posted for upcoming shows like this July when I’ll be heading south to join a good friend Kevin Heider for some shows in the USA!  More details to come!  Thanks again for a great Tour, and welcome back summer!

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